How to Write a Safety Manual That Will Pass ISNetworld Review

How to Write a Safety Manual That Will Pass ISNetworld Review

If you want to achieve ISNetworld compliance, your company will need to upload your safety manual into ISNetworld's website.  ISNetworld will then review your safety manual to ensure it meets their minimum requirements.

Don't let the words Safety Manual scare you off. We aren't creating a large book.  For ISNetworld purposes, you can keep your safety manual very lean and to the point.

A Safety Manual is nothing more than a bunch of Safety Programs all put together into one binder. A safety program is a short document that describes your safety procedures when it comes to topics like First Aid, Ladder Safety or Electrical Awareness Safety.

A Safety Program is documentation about a specific safety topic. These Safety Programs, some people refer to them as RAVS, are what your company needs to upload into ISNetworld.

In your ISNetworld account, if you go to the RAVS section, you will see a list of Safety Programs that your company is required to upload.

I will take you through the process of how to write a safety program and how to upload it into ISNetworld for review.

First, here are ISNetworld's requirements for every Safety Program that is uploaded into their website.

1. Each safety program must be in PDF format.
2. Each safety program cannot exceed 4MB is size.
3. Your company name should be on each page.
4. Pages should be numbered, but this isn't a requirement.
5. Your safety programs cannot be an exact copy of the OSHA regulations or the Additional Guidance section in ISNetworld (I'll explain the Additional Guidance Section shortly.)

Here is the quick and easy way to write your own safety manual that is guaranteed to pass ISNetworld review.

1. Open your word processor and put your company name at the top of the page. If you know how to use the "Header" function in your word processor it will make this a little easier.
2. Space down a couple of lines and in bold text type the name of the safety program that you are writing. Since just about everybody is required to upload a Fire Safety/Extinguisher safety program I'll use it as the example for this article. Type "Fire Safety and Extinguishers" in bold large print at the top of the page.
3. Hit enter a few times and on the left side of the page type, "1. Requirements." Hit enter and type one or two sentences that describes your company's requirements when it comes to Fire Safety. Here is an example.

  •  "ACME Inc. is dedicated to Fire Safety and it is required that all employees are familiar with this safety program and the location of all fire extinguishers and how to use them."

4. Hit enter a couple of times and type "2. Procedure." This section will be several paragraphs in length and it will contain all of the information that ISNetworld will review to make sure that your safety program meets the minimum requirements. To find the requirements, login to your ISNetworld account. Navigate to the RAVS (Review and Verification Services) section on the bottom left. Click on "Submit Safety Program" and to the right of "Fire Protection / Extinguishers" click on "Upload Program." Now you should see a list of three questions. As long as your safety program address all three of these questions, it will pass ISNetworld review.

5. You will also notice a link under the questions in ISNetworld that read "Additional Guidance." If you click on this link it will tell you exactly what information your safety program should contain. In this example it mentions that employees should be trained on how to use the company based fire extinguishers in the incipient stage of a fire. If you don't have an office, or employees, that's okay, simply type something like this:

  •  "Fire extinguishers are provided on all company trucks. Before any employee is allowed to enter a client site in a company truck they will be trained on the proper use of this fire extinguisher, where they are located and the hazards of fighting a fire."

6. Now we can move on to question 2. Hit enter a couple of times and we can begin a new paragraph. Question 2 deals with initial training and refresher training. Here is an example that will satisfy this requirement.

  •  "All employees will be given fire extinguisher training prior to their first assignment and all employees will be given refresher training on a yearly basis. This training will be conducted at the local fire station by a trained safety professional."

7. Question 3 deals with fire extinguisher inspections.

  •  "Management at ACME will visually inspect each fire extinguisher on the first of every month to endure that it is in good working order. All fire extinguishers that do not appear to be in good working order will be disposed of and replaced immediately. All fire extinguishers will be replaced on a yearly basis."


That is all that is required. Feel free to add in as much site specific detail as possible. Actually the more detail you add in the better. Save this document as a PDF and you can upload it into ISNetworld and it should pass their review.

You can follow this same process for each of the safety programs that they are requiring of your company.

Keep in mind that this article is written for very small companies, sole-proprietors or LLC's that don't have employees. If your company is larger, I recommend that you contact a safety professional to write a safety manual for your company.


If you need a safety manual that is guaranteed to pass ISNetworld review and you don't have the time to write it yourself, we can help.  Send me an email or give me a call and tell me what you need.

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