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ISNetworld® OSHA Log Creator

You have an ISNetworld® account and now you need to upload OSHA logs. 

When you first setup your ISNetworld® account, you’ll need to upload 3 years worth of OSHA logs.

If your company has less than 11 employees, by law, you are not required to fill out OSHA logs but it is a requirement for your ISNetworld® account.

Below is an OSHA log creator. 

It can create OSHA logs for any year that you need. 

Watch the short video below and then fill in the blanks and click “submit” and your OSHA logs will be available for download.

This OSHA log creator only works if your company had ZERO OSHA recordable incidents for the year you are creating your OSHA logs. 

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Create Your OSHA Logs

Input the following information and then click the “Submit” button to the bottom left.


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