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If you don’t feel like reading, watch this short video (3 minutes).

Conrad will summarize this website and explain why he specializes in helping small businesses become ISNetworld® certified.

Here are the bullet points about how we will get your company ISNetworld® Certified.

We will handle everything in your ISNetworld® account on a permanent basis so that you never have to worry about it.

We will get your company the top grade possible, guaranteed.

We will take care of everything in your ISNetworld® account, to include providing your company an ISNetworld® compliant safety manual. When we setup your ISN® account, it will be 100% complete.

But what makes us vastly different than our competitors is what we don’t do.

We don’t charge ISNetworld® account setup fees because it takes us less than 1 hour to setup an entire ISNetworld® account. Other top ISNetworld® consultants can also setup your account in less than an hour, but they are going to charge a setup fee of  $1,000, or more, for that hour of service.

We don’t have annual contracts with our services. Cancel our services at any time.  I don’t sign annual contracts with companies I don’t know, and I don’t expect you to do that either.

We don’t invoice companies until we setup their entire ISNetworld® account first.

That makes using our ISNetworld services 100% risk free.

Our ISNetworld® Services

$95/month – no annual contract – cancel any time.

No other fees of any kind.

Price includes setting up your entire ISNetworld® account and an updated safety manual every year.

If you would like to start using our ISNetworld® services, give me a call or send me an email and simply let me know that you are ready for me to get your company ISNetworld® certified.

Why we specialize in helping small businesses become ISNetworld® Certified?


I never liked the fact that small businesses are at a disadvantage if they want to work for large companies that require ISNetworld®.

If a company has 100 employees or 2 employees, the requirements in ISNetworld® are the same.

The 100 employee company simply tosses the ISNetworld® chore to their office staff.

The 2 employee company tries to bring their ISNetworld® account into compliance after the work day is done and often after dinner.

But you have a client that want’s your company to be ISNetworld® Certified.  And without this certification, you’ll miss out on work.

And now you need someone to get your company ISNetworld® compliant, fast, and for the cheapest price possible.

We are a small business also.  We work from our home and my wife handles the books.

We keep our overhead very low so that we can help small businesses become ISNetworld® compliant for the lowest price in the industry.

The best ISNetworld consultant.

I’m Conrad Cooper

And this is my personal cell phone number:



I am the person in charge.

If you ever have an issue, you can call (or text) me directly.

We don’t use automated answering services.  And we don’t hire people that were recently flipping burgers.

We are a small team of highly qualified ISNetworld® experts.

If you have any questions about ISNetworld® or about our services, please feel free to give me a call. 

I would be happy to speak with you.


Call Conrad: (985) 778-8304


Our Address

Safety Manual Today
P.O. Box 1129
Fairfield Bay, AR  72088

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