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The ISNetworld Consultant

I’m Conrad Cooper

And this is my personal cell phone number:





If you know that our ISNetworld® services will benefit your business, go ahead and give me a call.


I’ll be happy to speak with you.

Lightning Fast ISNetworld® Services

Your client wants your business to be ISNetworld® compliant or you can’t work for them.

Supply us a username and password to your ISNetworld® account today.

And by the time you wake up tomorrow, your ISNetworld® account will be 100% complete.

You Won’t Need To Spend A Single Minute Working On Your ISNetworld® Account


We are going to take care of everything.  I’ll have a couple of company specific questions for you.


But that is the extent of what you will need to do.  We’ll handle everything else and when we are done, your ISNetworld® account will be 100% complete and in compliance.

I Have Personally Setup Thousands of ISNetworld® Accounts Over The Last 13 Years


If we’re not the best at ISNetworld®, I don’t know who is.

We specialize in ISNetworld® services.  Meaning, that is basically all we do.

After 13 years of being in business and over 500 clients we know exactly what to do to get your company the top grade and fast.

Pay Us After We Setup Your ISNetworld® Account


We will setup your entire ISNetworld® account, BEFORE, we email you our first invoice.  And if you are unhappy with our services for any reason, I’ll delete the invoice and you pay $0.

This makes using our ISNetworld® services 100% risk free.

73% Of Our Clients Get Their ISNetworld® Account and Our ISNetworld® Services for Free

This is how it’s done.

Ask your client if they would agree to a slight increase in your rates to cover your ISNetworld® expenses.


73% of our clients have told us that their client agreed to the price increase to cover all ISNetworld® expenses.


That means for 73% of you, ISNetworld® and my services are free.


And for the rest of you.  Don’t worry, this won’t be the only client in your ISNetworld® account.  Once you get that second client to connect to your account, ask them the same thing.


A client will eventually agree to your slight price increase to cover your ISNetworld® expenses.

We Specialize In Helping Businesses Maximize Their Profits

From Their ISNetworld® Account


We want your business to generate as much profit from your ISNetworld® account as humanly possible.

  • We will provide you a list of all the companies across the United States that require an ISNetworld account to work for them.


  • We’ll show you how to get new clients connected to your ISNetworld account.  Each of them generating additional profits for your business.


  • Insurance is very expensive, need a recommendation to an agency that can get you the cheapest premiums?  We have some recommendations for you.


And that’s just the beginning of what we will do.


Your Clients Problem Will Benefit Your Business


Your client has mandated they will only hire contractors that are ISNetworld® compliant.  And this is why 73% of them agree to a price increase to cover your ISNetworld® expenses.

They need contractors to work for them.  And these contractors must be ISNetworld® compliant.

And there are over 1,000 different companies that require ISNetworld® to work for them.

But in addition to setting up your ISNetworld® account, we’ll supply your business with additional items that you must have.

Without an ISNetworld® Compliant Safety Manual

ISNetworld® Will Give You a Grade of “F” 


We are going to supply an ISNetworld® compliant safety manual to your business for free. ($1,500 value, average cost from our competitors).

And we are going to create this safety manual in a way so that you can use it for your clients outside of the ISNetworld® network.

And if you are ever audited by your insurance agent, they will want a copy of your safety manual.

We’ll even put your company logo on the cover.

ISNetworld® Requires Training Documentation for You and Your Employees


Part of ISNetworld® requirements, is that you and your employees will need training in a long list of different topics.

To save you time and the expense to pay for this training, we will supply you documents that you and your employees can read to train yourselves.   (Value $1,500, average cost for a safety trainer for a day and paying your employees for the day.)

We’ll Make Your ISNetworld® Account

as Profitable as Possible for Your Business


ISNetworld® allows you to have as many clients connected to your account as you want.  At no extra cost.

To help our clients maximize the profit from their ISNetworld® accounts, we provide them, for free, a list of all the companies across the United States that require an ISNetworld® account to work for them.

There are over 1,000 of them. ($199 value).

ISNetworld® Will Require OSHA Logs for Your Business For The Last 3 Years


Even though you may not be required by law to have OSHA logs, ISNetworld® will require them of your business.  Without them, you will have a grade of “F” in ISNetworld.®

But we will be happy to create them for you for free. ($250 value, industry average cost to create OSHA logs.)

Our Fees to Manage Your ISNetworld® Account®


We charge a one-time $1,000 fee to setup your ISNetworld® account.

  • This includes:
    • Completing your entire ISNetworld® account.
    • Supplying your business an ISNetworld® compliant safety manual.
    • Creating your OSHA logs for the last 3 years.
    • Writing your EMR letter.
    • Uploading insurance certificates.
    • Providing training documentation.

In summary we will take care of everything in your ISNetworld® account to bring it into 100% compliance, and you won’t have to do anything.


And then $95/month to maintain your ISNetworld®.

  • This includes:
    • Logging into your ISNetworld® account, every week, and taking care of any additional requirements that ISNetworld® populated into your account.
    • Uploading any additional safety programs.
    • Uploading renewed insurance certificates.
    • Updating the quarterly metrics.
    • Uploading insurance certificates and OSHA logs.
    • We will email you routine updates on your ISNetworld® account to let you know that is is 100% up-to-date and in compliance.


To keep the paperwork to a minimum, we invoice on an annual basis. 

Your first invoice will be for the sum $2,140

  • $1,000 one-time setup fee.
  • $95/month x 12 months = $1,140 

This covers 12 months of our services and you won’t receive our second invoice for 12 months.

There are no other fees of any kind.

Call Me Today and Your ISNetworld Account Will be 100% Complete by the Time You Wake Up Tomorrow


  • ISNetworld® compliance in less than 24 hours.
  • We will do 100% of the work, you won’t have to do a single thing.
  • I have setup thousands of ISNetworld® accounts and I guarantee you the top grade possible.
  • Pay us after we setup your ISNetworld® account.  100% risk free services.


Send me a quick email and let me know that you are interested in our services and I’ll email you a book that contains all of the companies across the United States that require an ISNetworld® account to work for them.  There are over 1,000 of them.


Conrad’s Cell: 985-778-8304



Call Conrad: (985) 778-8304


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