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TRIR Calculation- What is the TRIR (total recordable incident rate?)

Your TRIR (total recordable incident rate) is a mathematical calculation.trir - total recordable incident rate -trir calculationMultiply the total number of OSHA recordable incidents your company had during a certain time frame  by 200,000 (most people calculate their TRIR for a certain year).  Take this answer and divide it by the total number of hours worked by all employees, including owners, during the same exact time frame.

For example.  You can calculate your TRIR for a certain year, quarter, month or week.  It doesn’t matter.  If you want to calculate your TRIR for the first quarter of 2015.

First add up all the OSHA recordable incidents your company had in the months of January, February and March of 2015.  Let’s say that you had 3 OSHA recordables during those months.

Now you want to multiply this number by 200,000.

3 OSHA recordables X 200,000 = 600,000

Now divide 600,000 by the total number of hours worked by all employees, including the owners, during those same months.

If you have 25 employees then the total number of hours worked would be about 13,000 hours (25 employees X 520 hours per employee).600,000 / 13,000 = 46.15

In this example your TRIR would equal 46.15 which is very high.

A good TRIR is 3.0 or less.  A perfect TRIR is zero.  Many companies in ISNetworld® will grade your company based on your TRIR score so it is very important that you keep it as low as possible.

For more information about the TRIR and the methods that I use to help my clients lower their TRIR, read our book:

TRIR: The definitive guide to understanding your TRIR and how it affects your business, your pre-qualification paperwork, and your ISNetworld® account

If you have any questions about your TRIR, please don’t hesitate to give us a call (Conrad 985-778-8304.)



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