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ISNetworld Compliance - What is it and How Do I Get My Company Compliant With ISNetworld as Fast as Possible?

"ISNetworld Compliance" means that your company has completed all of the requirements in ISNetworld and your company achieved a grade of "B" or better.  That's the short answer.  Let me go into a little more detail.

First, let me tell you about ISNetworld.  ISNetworld is technically a software company (put simply, they are nothing more than a website.)  ISNetworld's website lets contractors upload their safety documentation.  Then, based on guidance from companies like Chevron, Apache, Whiting and many others, ISNetworld will review your safety documents and assign your company a grade.  If your grade is an "A" or a "B" you will have achieved ISNetworld Compliance. 


Which Safety Items Will ISNetworld Review to Determine if My Company Can Become ISNetworld Compliant?

Your client, the one that is requiring you to have an ISNetworld account, will have their own grading structure but I have listed the 6 main items that will affect your grade.


1. OSHA Recordable Incidents

If your company has had OSHA recordable incidents in the last 3 years, there is a good chance that your grade in ISNetworld will suffer.  There are numerous ways that ISNetworld will grade your company on this.  Typically if your TRIR (a computation based on the number of OSHA recordables your company had) is below your industry average, your grade in ISNetworld will not go down.  If your TRIR is above your industry average your grade will most likely suffer.  Sometimes to the degree that ISNetworld compliance is not possible.

- Click here to see the latest industry average TRIRs for your industry.

- Click here to learn more about the TRIR formula and how it will affect your ISNetworld Compliance.

- Does your company have OSHA Recordable Incidents.  Click here to make sure they weren't actually First Aid Cases.   


2. Insurance Certificate

Your client in ISNetworld will most likely require you to upload an insurance certificate into your ISNetworld account.  Once this is done, ISNetworld will review your insurance certificate to ensure that it meets all of the coverage requirements.  If your insurance certificate doesn't meet the minimum coverage requirements, ISNetworld compliance is typically not possible.  If your insurance certificate fails ISNetworld review, we do have a couple of options like an insurance variance (this is a request for lower insurance coverage requirements) but typically, only about 25% of all insurance variances are accepted.

- Click here to learn more about insurance variances in ISNetworld.


3. Safety Programs

Depending on the type of work your company performs, you will be required to upload between 10 to 30 different safety programs.  Some people call safety programs RAVS.  A safety program outlines your company's procedures on items like Fire Safety or Ladder Safety.  Once you upload your required safety programs (RAVS), ISNetworld will review them and if they don't meet their requirements, they will reject them.  At that time you'll have to modify your safety programs and then resubmit them for review.  It takes ISNetworld about 2 weeks to review a safety program so depending on how many times they reject your safety programs, this can be a long process.  Safety programs account for about 30-40% of ISNetworld Compliance.

-Click here to learn how to write a safety program that will pass ISNetworld review.


4. ISN's Questionnaire

In addition to uploading your safety documents, ISNetworld has about 1,000 different questions they would like you to answer.  Some of the questions are very simple and others are very specific and  address your safety procedures.  Your client will look at about 30 of these questions and if you answered them incorrectly your grade in ISNetworld will suffer.  Typically this part of your grade only accounts for 10-15% of ISNetworld Compliance.


5. Your EMR/NCCI Rating

An EMR is a mathematical formula that is based on the number of workman's compensation claims that have been filed against your company.  An EMR of 1.0 or less is good.  An EMR above 1.1 is going to hurt your company's grade in ISNetworld.  Small companies and companies less than 3 years old don't typically have an EMR rating, which is a good thing.  In this case all you would need to do is upload a letter into ISNetworld stating you don't qualify for an EMR.  The EMR score counts for about 10-15% of your ISNetworld Compliance.


6. Federal Citations

ISNetworld will search OSHA's and the EPA's database for your company name.  If they find that your company had a federal citation in the last 3 years, ISNetworld will deduct points from your overall score.  Federal citations typically account for 10-20% of ISNetworld Compliance.

- Click here to search your company name in the OSHA federal citation database.


These 6 items will account for 90% of your score in ISNetworld.  Most companies that have used our services don't have an issue with any of these items and they achieve ISNetworld Compliance quickly.




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