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Do you want to know the cost of an ISNetworld® subscription?  Their price is based on the average number of employees that were employed by your company over the last 3 years.

ISNetworld® Prices for Companies in the United States. 

Number of Employees in Your Company ISNetworld® Cost for the Year
1-4 Employees  $810 ($710 + one time setup fee of $100)
 5-9 Employees  $980 ($880 + one time setup fee of $100)
 10-19 Employees  $1,700 ($1,500 + one time setup fee of $200)
20-24 Employees $2,200 ($1,900 + one time setup fee of $300)
 25-49 Employees  $3,200 ($2,800 + one time setup fee of $400)
50-99 Employees $3,700 ($3,200 + one time setup fee of $500)
 100-249 Employees  $5,000 ($4,500 + one time setup fee of $500)
 250-499 Employees  $7,300 ($6,700 + one time setup fee of $600)
 500-999 Employees  $10,700 ($9,900 + one time setup fee of $800)
 1,000-2,499 Employees  $15,800 ($14,900 + one time setup fee of $900)
2,500 Employees and up $18,000 ($17,000 + one time setup fee of $1,000)

If you're thinking about subscribing to ISNetworld® then you probably have a client that is requiring you to become ISNetworld® compliant before you can start to work for them (or to continue to work for them.)  If you have already decided that you are going to subscribe to ISNetworld® then the very next step is to give them a call and tell them you would like to purchase a subscription.

Here is ISNetworld's® phone number: 1-800-976-1303

Here is ISNetworld's® web address:

If you are still undecided if an ISNetworld® subscription is right for your company let me go over some of the costs associated with an ISNetworld® account and some of the potential pitfalls to help aid you in making this decision.

The Costs Associated with an ISNetworld® Account

An ISNetworld® subscription lasts for 1 year and their fees are based on the number of employees in your company.

At the top of this page is a chart that details the cost of an ISNetworld® subscription.  If you would like to check ISNetworld's® most recent prices click on this link (ISNetworld® Cost).

If your company is outside of the United States click on the pricing link above.  You'll be able to select the pricing scales based on your company's location.

Once you have purchased an ISNetworld® subscription you will need to upload documentation into your new ISNetworld® account such as insurance certificates and safety programs.  If you don't already have these items you may want to factor these additional costs into your decision.

Insurance Certificates

The fact is, insurance is very expensive and the companies in ISNetworld® that require contractors to upload insurance certificates will have minimum insurance requirements.  Some of these minimum requirements can be $5,000,000 or $10,000,000 worth of coverage.  I encourage every company that calls me to find out what these minimum requirements are before they purchase an ISNetworld® subscription.  Once you have these requirements in hand, spend the day contacting insurance agents and get some quotes on what your premium costs are going to be.

ISNetworld® has a team of employees that reviews every insurance certificate that is uploaded and if there is one mistake on the certificate or if every requirement isn't met, they will reject the insurance certificate.  Without an accepted insurance certificate in ISNetworld®, your company's grade will suffer and it is unlikely that your client will allow you to work for them.

Safety Programs / Safety Manual (knows as RAVS® in ISNetworld®)

Another component about your ISNetworld® account that could potentially cost your company money is your safety manual.  Once you have an ISNetworld® subscription you will be required to upload between 8-40 safety programs (safety programs are the individual chapters in your safety manual like Driving Safety or PPE.)  The number of required safety programs is different for everybody and it really depends on the type of work that your company performs.

(Click here for guidance on how to write safety programs that will pass ISNetworld® review.)

The important part of this process is that ISNetworld® will review every safety program that you upload and if it doesn't fulfill their posted requirements it will be rejected.  If you don't have a safety manual or if you don't think that your safety manual can pass ISNetworld® review you may have to write a new one or purchase one.  Once again, it is a good idea to go ahead and research this cost before you purchase an ISNetworld® subscription.

Potential Pitfalls

An ISNetworld® subscription does not guarantee that your company will have access to the facilities of the client you want to work for.

ISNetworld® is essentially a giant database that you will upload all of your safety documentation and safety statistics into.  Once this is done your company will be given a grade.  Typically the grading structure follows the pattern of A, B, C and F.

If your company receives a grade of A or B then typically you will have unrestricted work access for that client.  If your company receives a grade of C then your company will typically need the approval of a site manager before you can go onto their facilities.  If your company receives a grade of F then your company will probably need the approval of a site VP or higher in order for your company to work on their premises.

(Not everybody is a fan of ISNetworld®.  Click here to read some ISNetworld® reviews.)

What are the major causes of low grades in ISNetworld®?

  • If your company has had a lot of OSHA recordables in the last three years or if your TRIR (total recordable incident rate) is high compared to your industry then your grade in ISNetworld® will suffer. (Click here to see your industry average TRIR.)
  • If your company has had fatalities in the last three years your grade in ISNetworld® will probably suffer.
  • If you can't produce an insurance certificate that will pass ISNetworld® review then it is often times impossible to receive a grade higher than an F.
  • If your company has had a federal citation in the last three years then your grade in ISNetworld® will probably suffer.  If you are unsure if your company has a federal citation click here to search OSHA's database.

Do you want to know more about how to set up an ISNetworld® account?  Click this link to watch our short video (less than 5 minutes.)

If you have any questions, please give us a call, we'll be glad to help (Conrad - Safety Manual Today 985-778-8304.)







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